Chief Executive Officer

Allen, Texas, United States · Executive Team


We are hiring a full-time position at The Life Coach School. This is an employed position with full health benefits, six weeks’ paid time off, and an education budget. It's a salaried position ($300k per year) with bonus options. Expectation is for 40 hours over five days a week, with some special exceptions for events.

At the School, we don’t hold you accountable for simply doing the work, but rather for the results you create. You’ll always know exactly if you’re winning or not.

For this position, your main result is to lead and support the organization in executing the vision of Brooke Castillo, co-founder.

To create this result you will:

  • Be the contact for daily communication with all employees and will run all company meetings.
  • Work with Brooke to execute the company vision (not create it).
  • Handle all tactical and strategic decisions from within the business, which will include supervising employees to choose vendors, plan events, and manage mistakes and problems.
  • Be held accountable to goals decided as a team, and the strategic and tactical efforts to deliver on them.
  • Need to lead and manage to our core values.
  • Need to have direct response marketing experience in order to help manage the marketing department.
  • Evaluate our two core products for ongoing viability and growth.
  • Have decision making power to execute to meet financial objectives.
  • Meet with founders Brooke and Chris monthly for stat, budget, and vision reviews.
  • Coordinate and run all team meetings in person and on Zoom.
  • Make suggestions, recommendations, and give ideas based on our current vision and goal accomplishment.
  • Review daily stats, monitoring job performance, evaluating marketing, and assessing customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor budgets and financials to measure goal performance.
  • Requirements

    You will be wildly successful if you have or are the following:

    We do not have time to develop you as an employee or CEO; you need to be ready to

    hit the ground running based on solid experience and the ability to learn quickly.

    You will be in line with our top three values:

    1. Be an example of what is possible. (Amazing CEO)

    2. Be fun. (If we aren’t laughing half the time, forget it.)

    3. Be blue collar. (We work hard. Period. No job is too big or small.)


  • Full health benefits, Six weeks’ paid time off, and an education budget
  • We are constantly up-leveling our team. We believe we’re more like a sports team than a family, which means you’ll always be working with the best.
  • We actually mean it when we say six weeks paid time off.
  • We are the catalyst for you to become who you’ve always wanted to be, both professionally and personally.
  • We are an entrepreneurial organization, not just like every other corporation, so we create mind blowing results quickly.
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